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Cooling Your Home Throughout The Summer Doesn't Have to Cost An Arm and a Leg!

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By installing our Solar Demand Manager package, our customers are cutting their SRP bills in half while keeping their homes Arctic Cool @ 68° all Summer long!  

If your SRP monthly bill is over $200/month, you may qualify for our exclusive SRP Solar Demand Manager package.

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This SRP solar package is designed specifically for our SRP customers in Arizona!


Our Solar Demand Manager packages include:

  • A premium Solar Panel System with micro-inverters (micro-inverters > string-inverters, we’ll show you why),
  • A Demand Manager – used to effectively manage and reduce SRP’s peak demand fee. The Demand Manager is essential in reducing your SRP energy bill,
  • Installation is included,
  • 25-Year in-house panel & micro-inverter warranty,
  • 25-Year annual panel cleaning, system diagnostic test (including firmware upgrades),
  • In addition, because we are a certified installer, your system also comes with a 25-year parts & labor warranty from the manufacturer.

Plus, your package includes upgraded access to the myBodhi app, which includes: 

  • Project tracking from start to finish,
  • System monitoring; including solar energy production & home energy consumption,
  • System performance notifications; receive email and text alerts if anything goes wrong with your system,
  • Access to your project documents (contracts, permits, installation photos, invoices, etc),
  • Direct in-app access to our best-in-class iVee League Solar customer service team.

Don’t delay, see if you qualify and find out how much you could be saving on your monthly SRP energy bill!

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Reduce Your Monthly Bills

You can start saving immediately.
Solar panels are more affordable now than they have ever been. Coupled with a demand manager, it makes the decision even more easy and straightforward. If you are looking for an environmentally friendly way to save significant money on your electricity bill, going solar is right for you.

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Why Go Solar?

Renewable energy is the way of the future - owners of solar energy systems have financial freedom from the unpredictable prices of traditional electricity, while reducing their CO2 emissions, helping the environment, and increasing the value of their home.

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Rebates & Incentives

There are plenty of federal and state incentives for homeowners that switch to solar.

As Arizona residents you are eligible to receive up to $1,000 in Arizona state income tax credits, and the 26% federal Solar ITC tax credit.

Don't Just Take Our Word For It...

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