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Gaining your trust through responsible actions and honest relationships.
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Increasing your home’s value and choosing the right products with superior service and quality.
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With over 15 years of combined solar experience, our management team can promise to deliver you an excellent product.
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Educating our customers so they have peace of mind with their investment, and promoting education through non-profit and charitable programs.

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Our Mission

To improve the environment through advancing the adoption of solar energy, and enrich the lives of those in our communities

Invest In Solar – Invest In Your Community

Why Choose iVee League Solar?

Our Process

From the beginning, we’ll help determine the right system for you, all the way through the life of your solar system, we will be with you every step of the way
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Find The System For You

Our solar consultants will work with you to determine the right system and financing program to fit your needs.


Designing Your System

We will custom design your system to follow all federal, state, and local regulations and complete all necessary permits and approvals.

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Installing Your System

All system installs are performed in-house. Our crews take care and attention to make sure that your system is installed with the highest levels of quality and care.


Commissioning Your System

Once your system is generating solar energy, we will work with you to finalize your project and make sure you're satisfied with your new investment

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iVee Gives Back

It is our intention to give back to the communities we operate in. Not only is it a way to say Thanks! but it’s important that our company has a positive impact and contributes to the communities around us.

iVee Gives Back

It is our intention to give back to the communities we operate in. Not only is it a way to say Thanks! but it’s important that our company has a positive impact and contributes to the communities around us.

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Our Reviews

Robert Williams
Robert Williams
Great from start to finish. My goal was to find the best panels, with the best warranty and service, and have the max amount of panels installed that my house panel could handle. Ivee League checked all of these boxes. The Panasonic panels are the best on the market and we have nothing but good things to say about Ivee League. Our APS bill since the solar went live and working with APS to get on the correct plan has been -$100.00+ each month (we have a 2 story, 2660 square feet). The panels have also been on the house less than a year and Ivee League has already came to clean the panels. Highly recommend, you won’t regret it
Michael Davey
Michael Davey
As with any major investment I had three estimates and IVee League Solar was not only the lowest of the three, but really did everything that we had agreed upon. Their installation team did an excellent job they were there on time and took care to make sure that it was done with the best equipment but it had street appeal. David and Arcadio went above and beyond to make sure all my questions were answered. I enjoyed the process from start to finish and would highly recommend this company for anyone looking to install solar. We live in Sun City and would be happy to speak with anyone about the process. Mike and Penni Davey
Audrey Adrianna
Audrey Adrianna
pectations. From start to finish it was the most amazing experience. They never left me hanging. I knew exactly what was happening every single step of the way from the welcome call, to the design/ lay put, to the installation. I have been quoted from different companies that use different installers, they told me that my system would be installed in six months. I spoke with a friend that used another company that uses third-party installs and she told me it took a year for them to install it. The main reason why I did go with iVee was because of the great reviews and because they do all of their own installations in house. I was literally able to get approved go through the entire process and have it installed within 4 weeks. As a very strong skeptic of solar, which I’m sure many people are, I can’t say enough great things about this company. If you’re looking for a solar company, this is the one you guys. FYI, I read the review that someone posted saying the program that monitors the system is very limited in the info that it provides, that’s not true. I’ve done my fair share of research on different panels and this company uses top notch, high-quality panels. I’m even able to monitor each individual panels usage through an app and I know exactly how much each one is producing. Overall, I had an amazing experience, though. I highly recommend this company.
Alex Mann
Alex Mann
After moving to Arizona last year from Oregon and knowing nothing about solar, we started talking to neighbors and figured we would get some quotes and start learning why so many houses here have solar panels on their roofs. We had already had two quotes and signed up with one company when we talked to our one neighbor and she said we should talk to iVee League as she had done a ton of homework and that is who she picked. Within 24 hours, we had an online meeting with the iVee League representative and learned that we were paying way too much to the other company. We canceled our other order and signed up with iVee League. They made it an easy process as they handled all of the HOA and Government paperwork. Everything went very smooth and their software allowed for us to track the whole project. We are super happy with our decision! Their installers are very professional and knew what they were doing. They are supposed to come out yearly to clean the panels so we will see how that goes. My only gripe was that their cartoon video showing the process showed the phone app being able to monitor the output from the solar panels and also the consumption that the house was using each day. After completion, we found out that the equipment to monitor the daily consumption of electricity was another $500. After bringing this to their attention, they had someone come out and install it for free the next day! Amazing customer service! We have since had our 1 year warranty inspection on our new build and their installation passed with flying colors! And my APS bill for October was a $40 credit! I highly recommend iVee League Solar! Great price and a great company to work with!!
Michael Cassisi
Michael Cassisi
Was so impressed with this company from the sales pitch to the project updates. I always knew the status of things and what the next steps were. Being kept in the dark never is pleasant. Always had a contact and if I got ahold of the wrong person, the question was rerouted to the right person within minutes. Thank you for taking me through this experience. There are so many companies out there and I am glad i picked you. Michael C.
Leslie Gardineer
Leslie Gardineer
Great customer service. Easy to use app. And far more for the $$ than other solar companies in AZ
John Sobey
John Sobey
They communicated quite well and were very easy to work with it. Thank you for the help with getting the Solar up
John Green
John Green
I am very happy I chose Ivee League Solar to install my rooftop solar panel system. At each step along the way (from sales to design to install to activation), the ILS team was responsive and helpful. Solar details can get very technical, but ILS is able to explain the issues in clear terms. And they use top-of-the-line hardware (Panasonic panels, Enphase microinverters). There are a lot of solar installation companies in the Phoenix area, and I spoke with many of them before choosing ILS. But my initial impression of ILS was that they are smart and dedicated team, and that has been the case throughout the process. Special thanks to Nichole, Abe, and David!
Mike Bohn
Mike Bohn
We just recently had our solar installed and we are super happy with the experience with Ivee League Solar .

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